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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Commission Confessions

You know what get’s my blood boiling

It’s when they tell you need a list but they won’t
get into the dirty details.

They won’t tell you these things because when you
start talking about mysql, bounce rates, writing
compelling emails, creating mouth watering bait,
web hosting, DNS and delivery….

…new marketers don’t see a learning curve… they
see a CLIFF they must climb without a rope.

No wonder so many people don’t have a list.

But that’s all changed with a new push button
marketing system released by Jerry Reeder, Mike
Paetzold and Jay Hines.

You just fill out a few forms and you have
everything you need to build your list.

* You get a professionally written squeeze page
* The thank you page and download pages
* Mouth Watering BAIT
* Member’s only conferences
* Rebranding rights to TWO streams of income
* A pre-written email series with your affiliate
links in the emails

I would jump all over this right now because this
is going to be big, really big. And when that I am
happens, I won’t be surprised to see a hefty price
tag attached to it.

And if you really want to promote affiliate programs
on complete and total autopilot, then pay attention
to the special upgrade offer.

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